Monday, August 22, 2011

Cosmic Twins

Is there such a thing as cosmic twins? According to Wikipedia, there is. "It is the name commonly given to a phenomenon in which two people from separate families, sometimes even separate geographic locations, feel upon meeting each other that they have known each other for longer than they actually have. Cosmic twins will usually form a close friendship in a comparatively short amount of time."

There you have it. I have a cosmic twin. It all came about in such an innocent way--who knew what would happen. A few months ago, I got a check in the mail made out to Regina Williams. It was a refund check and I was thrilled to get it. However, upon reading further, I realized it was for a Regina Williams in Alabama.

Since I am also a believer in "what goes around, comes around," I sent the check to its rightful owner. And discovered my cosmic twin. Who happens to have the same name as I do. Which in itself is freaky, but it gets even more so.

My sister and her daughter are both named Rhonda. We're both Irish. We like taking pictures of flowers, we use the same phrases in our speech, and we have the same sense of humor. (Which is a very scary thing all by itself.) When her daugter read one of my letters, she said, "Good grief, Mom, she sounds just like you!"

And like Wikipedia said, we have formed a close friendship in a very short time. Instant friendship is a wonderful thing. You can never have enough friends, cosmic or not.

But I'm thinking I should make a trip to Alabama and talk to my cosmic twin's mother. How can two people, who knew nothing of the other's existence until a few short months ago, be so much alike? Me thinks there's a Williams in the woodpile!!!

I know we've only scratched the surface, that there is so much more we'll discover about one another that will make me say, "Well duh," when she asks if I like or dislike something or she says something that I know I would say.

So hello Regina Williams, it is a great pleasure to get to know you. Who knows, in getting to know each other, we just might come to know ouselves a little better.

And to those of you out there, who have said or thought, "Thank goodness there is only one of you." I say, "nayah, nayah, nayah! The joke's on you!"


  1. Regina,what an interesting blog. It reads like a book filled with short stories/essays.

  2. Regina, this is the sweetest post ever! I got goosebumps reading it. I hope you and your cosmic twin nurture and cultivate a friendship that when you see each other in the next life, you can say, "I think I know you!"

  3. Okay, that's spooky and weird. Fun though, huh? I already know there aren't any Velda Brothertons in this world except me, but mine could have another name. Poor girl.

  4. Regina, this is a fascinating story and I can't wait to see where it goes. I especially love what you said about "in getting to know each other, we just might come to know ouselves a little better." Now I'm keeping my eyes open for my own "cosmic twin." :)

  5. They are out there! I have two actually, but the one had the most interesting story. The other is a family member--so go figure! Thanks everyone.